USTA District 12 meeting held at Freehold; 26 rule changes debated

from the USTA Communications Department

Columbus, OH — Led by district chairman John Brennan, members of the United States Trotting Association’s District 12 met on the morning of Friday (Oct. 19) at Freehold Raceway to discuss USTA activities and goals and to consider 26 rule change proposals that are to be considered by the USTA’s full board of directors in mid-March. In addition to Mr. Brennan, members in attendance were joined by fellow district directors Jeff Gregory, Jacquie Ingrassia, Peter Koch and Chris McErlean.

Chairman Brennan and Director Ingrassia were unopposed for re-election this year and thus will serve new, three-year terms. Mr. Brennan will continue on as district chairman.

The district voted on each respective issue as follows; (to read the full rule change proposals, click here).

Proposal #1 (Racing terminology and definitions): Accepted
Proposal #2 (Paddock rules): Accepted
Proposal #3 (Horses entering track): Rejected
Proposal #4 (Pari-mutuel, non-extended meet wins): Rejected
Proposal #5 (Persons eligible to claim): Accepted
Proposal #6 (Non-extended meet trailers): Rejected
Proposal #7 (Purse distribution for DQ’d horse): Rejected
Proposal #8 (Secure entry process): Accepted
Proposal #9 (Electronic display of entry): Tabled
Proposal #10 (Outside/inside post draws): Rejected
Proposal #11 (Come to gate no nearer than ¼-mile prior) Accepted
Proposal #12 (Speed of gate) Accepted
Proposal #13 (No charging of gate) Accepted
Proposal #14 (Penalties for violation of starting rule) Accepted
Proposal #15 (Deletion of “Holding Horses Before Start”) Accepted
Proposal #16 (Single trailer – second tier) Accepted
Proposal #17 (Definition of amateur driver) Rejected
Proposal #18 (“P” drivers for amateur races only) Tabled
Proposal #19 (Distance of lead horse from pylons) Accepted
Proposal #20 (Black whips) Accepted
Proposal #21 (Extended break placings) Accepted
Proposal #22 (Mud aprons) Accepted
Proposal #23 (Total number of mares bred) Accepted
Proposal #24 (Deadline for lists of mares bred) Tabled
Proposal #25 (Restriction on reuse of names) Accepted
Proposal #26 (License trainers/active USTA membership) Accepted

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