Nicole Agosti wins Caretaker Appreciation Award

from Harness Racing Replays

Lexington, KY — During their live internet broadcast covering the final day’s races of The Grand Circuit at Red Mile, Harness Racing Replays, alongside awarded their first ever Caretaker Appreciation Award, sponsored by, to Nicole Agosti on Sunday (Oct. 7).

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Nicole Agosti wins the inaugural edition of Harness Racing Replay’s Caretaker of the Year Award.

Agosti, who just turned 27 on Oct. 6 and also just recently earned her trainer’s license, was one of seven finalists for the award. The finalists were Carrie Cameron, Nicky Ratledge, Jeff Martin, Bethae Robinson, Tammy Malo, Nicole Agosti and Rob Mackey (posthumously). All finalists were nominated by their peers on a contest post on Harness Racing Replays’ Facebook page from July 31-Aug 31, 2018.

Among the comments in Agosti’s nomination, Desirae Seekman stated, “Whenever she isn’t paddocking her own horses, she’s stepping in to help out her friends, (to) make their night easier. Whether she is taking care of our horses so I can stay on the home front, or she babysits for me so I can paddock and take time to myself for a few hours, Nicole is always busting her butt! She doesn’t hear every day how well appreciated she is, but she is adored.”

As the winner of the Caretaker Appreciation Award, Nicole received a framed award certificate, a $50 gift card to Texas Roadhouse, a $25 gift card to Big Dee’s Tack Shop, a 1-year subscription to Hoof Beats Magazine and some various swag (hat, t-shirt, etc).

Nicole (Nicky) Ratledge, 32, from Clayton, DE was the runner-up for the award. Nicky and her horse TruthAboutNickster were featured in the September 2018 issue of Hoof Beats. Nicky was spoken very highly of by her peers on the Facebook contest entries as well, and she too recently took her trainer’s test. So be on the look out for these two young ladies, the sport’s newest trainers and hard-working grooms. As runner-up, Nicky will receive a one-year subscription to Hoof Beats Magazine, as well.

Ken Terpenning with Harness Racing Replays expressed why recognizing the sport’s caretakers is so important, “We love to give back to our horse community here at Harness Racing Replays. The most important job in harness racing is arguably the caretaker. Caretakers (grooms) handle the equine stars daily, 365 days a year. They do the leg rubbing, feeding, scrubbing, loving, etc. and they play the biggest role in the success that horses have in their careers. Many caretakers share a special bond with a particular horse in their care. So, we wanted to take some time to recognize that and to thank each and every caretaker for all of their hard work to make our sport reputable and successful.”

Harness Racing Replays would like to thank Anthony MacDonald and The, Harness Racing Replays fans and followers, The Red Mile, Rod Allums Jr and the crew from and all of their guests during the Sunday broadcast.

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